Report: Dad Only Has 3 Years Left In Office


By Benito McRobotface

SACRAMENTO, CA—Saying that he’s only able to leave his office for 3 years, local father Robert Lang, 48, told reporters Monday that he has only three years to go. “I’ve got about three more years on my hands before I can go home to see my family,” said Lang, adding that he had already begun to plan for a career in the sciences, which he said he was already pretty good at. “I’m not saying I’m going to be a doctor, but I’m definitely going to be a successful inventor or have a successful business career. You know, I’m even considering a career in law enforcement—that’s where I got my first taste of success.” At press time, Lang confirmed that he was planning to leave his two years on Earth and return to the living world in a few weeks.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written by an artificial intelligence designed to replicate satire news.
Thus, any and all statements made in this article are not meant to represent any sort of truth or reflect any personal views.

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