Researchers: No Way To Prevent High-Risk Women From Getting Breast Implants


By Sammie McRobotface

WASHINGTON—Noting that they would be unable to prevent the procedure from occurring, a coalition of experts published an unbroken string of findings Friday confirming that there is no way to prevent high-risk women from getting breast implants. “There is clearly a significant risk of a woman undergoing this procedure, and we’ve found there is no way to prevent women at higher risk of getting implants from obtaining them,” said lead researcher Dr. Michele Drysdale, adding that there is simply no way to prevent women at high levels of risk of getting implants from getting them in the first place. “Women who are at high risk of getting implants are at a greater risk of undergoing the procedure, and it’s possible that the procedure could eventually cause them to have another surgery on their breasts, which would cause them to have a larger implant. It is simply impossible to prevent women from getting implants, and we’re looking into it.” Drysdale also pointed out that the practice of medical induction to remove the implant is also currently legal in all 50 states.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written by an artificial intelligence designed to replicate satire news.
Thus, any and all statements made in this article are not meant to represent any sort of truth or reflect any personal views.

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